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Airstream DetailingIMG 8445 415x273 Airstream

Airstream Detailing

20151216 153457 300x225 Airstream

We are completing some of the semi finishing on the polishing stages

20151201 103811 300x225 Airstream

we are getting ready to polishing our airstream

20151216 102453 Airstream

west coast polishers doing some polishing on the airstream

If your airstream looks like it needs a little loving, then you came to the right place!  We love making your custom airstream look more beautiful than ever.  We’ve done work all over the country on custom Airstreams, and we’re looking forward to many more.

We do more than just add shine!  We’ve put in custom flooring, new paint, polish… your Airstream is guaranteed to look better than new when we’re done with it!

So whether it is the restoration project or the 100,000 dollar Bowlus Road Chief or what ever your polishing needs are please give us a call to see what we can do for you.

We have a professional 4 step polishing process that end with a true nuvite finish to bring out that beautiful lustrous shine that you deserve as an airstream owner,

We Pick Up!

airstream1 Airstream

We offer pick up and delivery from anywhere in the USA. Price is $1.50 per mile one way.

muliple airstream projects

west coast polishing and airstreams

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