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Complete Restoration Package (Full Detail)

      • Wash with wax-formulated soap
      • Pressure wash underside of vehicle ( clean from underneath ) optional & extra
      • Clean rims, tires, & inner fender wells
      • Clean door jams and treat seals
      • Clay bar the whole paint
      • Full 3 step process swirl removal, polish and final polymer sealant (heavy cut available)
      • Wax with professional carnauba & hybrid polymer paint sealant (Same as a wax sealer but higher grade and lasts longer)
      • Vacuum complete interior of vehicle & trunk if equipped
      • Shampoo carpets (Shampooing process also has a scotch guarding agent within shampoo to help with spills in the future.)
      • Remove seat and shampoo seats (if equipped with velour.  Leather seats are cleaned & treated)
      • Shampoo headliner
      • Scotch guard treatment integrated in shampooing process
      • Clean windows inside & out
      • Pressure wash engine compartment area removing leaves, debris, etc*
      • Clean and touch up vinyl with vinyl touch specialized cleaner
      • Clean vents
      • Treat all seals & interior trim with special deluxe shine treatment and special formulated rubber and trim treatments where required.
      • All cracks and crevices dusted and cleaned as needed
      • Treat tires with special deluxe shine treatment
      • Acidic and polymer ( from our signature west coast metal polish) treat rims if rims are chrome
      • If vehicle is equipped with truck bed, bed is also pressure washed out
      • Clean & Treat leather seats (If Equipped)
      • Clean and polymer ( from our signature west coast metal polish) Treat all stainless (if service is performed on Semi, see semi packages for more info)
      • Remove any grease or tar on exterior of vehicle*

See comparison chart for more details, link below 

Note: The starting prices are vehicles that are done once a year and are included for your reference.

Small mini-compact (2 door-smart car) $175.00+
Mid-Size (2-4 door car- Full Size Car                  *Starting at: $199.00+
Small truck $199.99+
Extended cab full size truck $250.00+
Compact SUV (2 door) $199.00+
Full size SUV $250.00+
Small mini vans                                                    *Starting at: 250.00+
Extra Large SUV’s $250.00+
Large Vans & Box Trucks                                     *Starting at: $175.00+
Semi trucks (call for free estimate)                             *Starting at: $175.00+
*Pricing above may vary depending upon autos size & cleanliness.  

  NOTE: These are base prices, heavy stains, seats that need to be removed to clean,  dogs, heavy odor, heavy scratches on paint, needing heavy cut, heavy oxidation on paint, exterior paint restoration on dark colors, heavy motor degreasing, paint over spray, tar on paint,  etc.



Prices are subject to change at any time, some prices may vary depending upon vehicle cleanliness.

You may earn 10-40% off any detailing package when vehicle or recreational equipment is serviced on a regular basis.

Example:  Reg cost: Complete Restoration Package is $199.99

Discount:  If serviced once a month Complete Restoration Package is Only $119.99 – 40% savings

Call for regular discounts TODAY and save!

Additional Savings:

When you have 2 vehicles serviced at our location you will receive 10%

When you have 3 vehicles serviced at our location you will receive 15% off