WCPD full exterior(polymer & carnauba hybrid) sealant package

Here at west coast polishing & detailing we use dual action random orbit machines to apply all final waxes & polymer sealants to ensure ultra high glossy look, UV (ultraviolet) protection and to safe guard you paint from the elements (oxidation, road grime etc.) Waxes by hand application are available upon request.auto detailing

Full Exterior (polymer) Sealant Package (Applied the same as a wax but is higher grade and lasts longer)

This package include a complete polymer Paint Sealant package

      • Wash with wax-formulated soap
      • Complete pressure wash of exterior
      • Pressure wash underside of vehicle to remove road grime(on a six foot lift)
      • If vehicle is equipped with truck bed, bed is also pressure washed out
      • Clean exterior windows
      • Clean door jams and treat seals
      • Clean rims, tires, & inner fender wells(polish wheels if equipped) at additional cost
      • Seal complete exterior of vehicle with professional hybrid polymer paint sealant (Same as a wax sealer but higher grade and lasts longer)
      • Treat tires with special deluxe shine treatment ( ionic formula) anti dust repellent
      • Acidic & Polymer treat rims if rims are chrome treated
      • Treat all exterior plastic trim with deluxe shine
Small & Mid size car $89.99
Full size car $99.99
Small truck $89.99
Full size truck $99.99
Full size SUV & Small Vans $129.99
Full size truck extended cab $129.99
Large Vans & Box Trucks-*Starting at: $129.99
Semi truck *Starting at: $179.99
*Pricing above may vary depending upon vehicle size & cleanliness.  Please note wcpd may provide an extra discount from prices listed above if vehicles or recreational transportation is up kept well.

Additional Savings: When you have 2 vehicles serviced on location you will receive 5% off. When you have 3 vehicles serviced on location you will receive 10% off When you have 4 or more vehicles serviced on location you will receive 15% off

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