Exclusive 4 step paint care process


 Step #1

We will completely clay bar the whole car paint surface removing all the above surface contaminates ( as illustrated in the drawing)  like rail dust, sap, brake dust, oxidation, over spray and many other things that can contaminate our cars clear coat and fuse into it over time.


Step # 2

We do a heavy cut with an abrasive compound to remove all the oxidation and some below the surface imperfections like heavy swirls, scratches, and other below surface imperfections.


Step # 3

We do a swirl removal stage, this is to remove some of the finer imperfections left behind by the compounding stage, also this stage is in place of the compounding stage if your car does not need to start with the aggressive compounding stage. This swirl removal stage preps the paint to receive the polish that gets applied next.


Step # 4

Now we put on the polish, this is why it is so important to make sure your vehicle is in the right place , because you can’t effectively apply polish to any car paint until you properly preform the right procedures . now at this stage we will put a beautiful coat of polish , this procedure will be applied by a dual action polisher so to give the polish time to be applied with out to much heat or friction ( like from a direct drive polish machine)