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This box with 6 airway wheels 8x3x5/8 , 10 half bars of tripoli brown and 8 half bars of

our best green rouge all in one box ships any where in the USA. For 275.00 plus

shipping, call for details.This box is put together with the truck polisher in mind , but we

have many combinations available, call Sam 559-217-5791. Note: keep in mind that

these airway wheels require a flange plate not included, so make sure you have one or

you will not be able to adapt the wheel to your variable speed buffer or your high

speed buffer/grinder , We do offer a high quality aluminum flange for your buffing

needs. For more info look in the flange area. Note: your two options are the kit with

flanges and the kit with out the flanges . You save 10.00 on the aluminum flanges with

the kit.

Note you can  also mix up the color of the compounds and the wheels but extra charges apply.

Now introducing our world famous

metal polish. It is the best polish you

have ever tried or your money back ,

For more information please click on

the link just below.


TESTED IN THE FIELD TO BE THE BEST. / The only metal polish in the country to have a

reputable & professional polishing company to back it up, from creation, to application,to promotion, our

work is some of the best in the world. Check out our other web-site “westcoastpolishing.com”


CUTS & CLEANS THE SURFACE. / With a blend of micro-abrasives and cleaners

our polish does a great job to prep the polishing surface.


REMOVES OXIDATION. / Our polish has a unique antioxidant agent to remove even the toughest



REMOVES LIGHT SCRATCHES. With the micro-abrasion power our polish has the ability to

remove scratches up to a 1000 grit by hand, even more grit by machine.


DUAL ACTION PROCESS , IN A SINGLE STEP APPLICATION. / What that means is first the micro

abrasives cut the very top of your metal by way of micro-abrasion liquid friction, (in other words a light

water sanding) like action. Then the micro abrasives brake down and dissolve to allow the polish to finish

with a lustrous shine.


CAN BE USED ON ALL METALS. / Safe on all metals chrome ,stainless, aluminum, copper, brass,

and gold. (Not for chrome plated plastic)


CHROMIUM OXIDES TO CUT & COLOR. Incorporates a special oxide to produce a powerful

cutting action for a more coherent and flat metal surface , which will give a wet glass like shine.



polish is great for and proven for optimal use by hand or by low speed buffers ,our polish was

engineered and designed with all the variety of users in mind.


PERFECT FOR (DIY) with the dual action process and all the technology in our metal polish

For complete information on our exclusive metal polish please visit our other

web-sit by clicking here on the link.

Additional Information

Weight 23.940625 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 5.5 in


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