Our Training Program (general)


 Here at west coast polishing & detailing we have always been in the teaching and educating business by offering all kind of advice , how to , instruction, and knowledge. So in light of the overwhelming response to this by the public, our customers and all our social media following we have develop our very own training program for both here at our base shop in Fresno , Ca. and out in the field all over the United States at our customers place of business. We have incorporated many dynamics of the many aspects of Detailing , polishing , metal polishing and the like niches.

some like to come and train at our base shop in Fresno, Ca. for the reasons like

(1)  class room like setting , and environment that are perfect for learning , interacting , and good Q & A with good engagement and collaboration, Being able to get the knowledge, concepts and principles understood and retained for there growth and success




















(2) a great in depth overview of all the products, material and equipment use in our industry and what will be relevant to your success .







(3) True hands on, one-on-one teaching , coaching and learning!











(4) A true genuine experience not only for business but building lasting relationships that go way past the business element.  now that we have built a great friendship and our customers have come to trust us and everything that we have promised them, they have a unique privilege and resource to contact us personal via cell phone to ask for any type of help , support, or just some more Q & A.







Some people like to get their full training out in the field out at location in their places of business. they like to take advantage of some of these dynamics.



(1) Hands on training by the professional that help pioneer the polishing industry.










(2)  also the benefit of having the professionals give you the highest quality training but also to help you complete your work load ( as per agreement)











Hi, my name is Nelson Rodriguez. I’m the owner of Extreme Polishing & Detailing. We hired Sammy Bulgara from West Coast Polishing and Detailing for his training on polishing a tanker. It was a great experience to have. He was really attentive to detail and knew what he was talking about. I highly recommend him for anyone who needs help and wants to learn proper techniques. Not only was he a great trainer, but he’s a really great guy. Anytime I have questions or concerns he’s always there to help me out. Sammy is definitely the person to talk to if you need anything! kentucky training