There are many shape and sizes for wheel and pricing so we would like to help clarify some of the confusion by establishing a general price list for wheel polishing

These are some common size after market wheel ( wheels other then your original oem stocks ) In this section sizes include 13″ to 20″ general type wheel like 4, 5, 6 star spoke. prices start at about 35.00 each and go up.

average wheel cost is about 45.00 each wheel and 20.00 extra to polish the inside of the wheel.

If sanding is needed because of pitting or rashy surfaces there is a 20.00 extra charge.

These wheel are 35.00 to 45.00 each

20141213 135335 1024x576 Wheel polishing prices

This wheel needs to be sanded, cut and buffed ( cost 65.00)

 Wheel polishing prices
 Wheel polishing prices

These five star wheels are 45.00 each

20141114 123649 150x150 Wheel polishing prices

These six star wheels are $45.00 each

20141226 150923 150x150 Wheel polishing prices

These are acoa big rig wheels and start at $45.00 each add $20.00 for sanding

20150225 094343 150x150 Wheel polishing prices

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